Modular Clean Rooms

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The wall and ceiling panel’s surface provides a very high standard finish and gives a hard, non-porous, smooth, ledge free surface, easy to maintain. The panels are assembled by means which ensure a secure airtight joint between the panels and at the corner profile.

The edges of the clean room panels have flush seams, which make the panels dismountable.

The core consists either of rigid polyurethane foam, rock wool, or polystyrene and the total thickness of the panel varies between 40mm to 80mm.

  • High quality and abrasion resistant surface finish
  • Integral wall to wall coving
  • Integral wall to ceiling coving
  • Integral wall to floor coving
  • Hygienic PVC flooring
  • Integral low level air extract
  • Integral return air plenum
  • Flush doors and windows
  • Dust collection free design details
  • Walkable or non walkable ceiling
  • HEPA terminal filter
  • Flush lighting fixtures
  • Flush air diffusers
  • Easy integration of services and access for maintenance
  • Ideal for fast track contracts
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to dismantle, move and reinstall


  • Pass throughs, including mechanical or electrical interlocks & lighting
  • Door interlocking systems (airlocks)
  • Mechanical / automatic door closers
  • Flush power outlets and switches
  • Hygienic intercoms
  • Step over benches
  • Lockers
  • Washing stations
  • Air showers


The Modular wall and ceiling systems are custom designed and are not adaptations of standard office or industrial partitions. These products are sophisticated and easy to install. Therefore, projects can be executed globally. The clients in this case save money and gain flexibility with future requirements in respect of alterations or extension of clean rooms.