Clean Room Components

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air-filtersProper air-filtration is essential to the protection of products and personnel. Stefatos is a supplier of the full range (sizes, efficiency) for the following filter types:

  • Coarse dust
  • Fine dust
  • HEPA
  • ULPA

laminar_flow_unitsStefatos is a supplier of standard and custom made laminar flow units (FFU) and work-stations. Materials of constructions ranges from RAL powder coated steel to stainless steel. Laminar flow Units incorporate fan speed controllers to accommodate dirty filter conditions. The laminar flow unit fan and the integral motor are installed in the plenum over the HEPA filter.
Options include matching custom made stands with stainless steel work tops and adjustable height legs. Stefatos supplies all required certifications, including qualification services.

weighing_dispensary-boothsVertical laminar flow, magnehellic manometers for differential pressure control, ATEX execution if required, full customised dimensions, digital control of the air velocity, stainless steel AISI 304 Structure, interlock system for personel and/or material with rapid roller doors, filter system (Gross [G], Fine [F] and High efficiency filters EPA, HEPA, ULPA) with their boxes, insulation, air shower.





This is a monoblock pass-through window which is used for passing-through objects while still respecting the characteristic of purity and pressure of the cleanrooms or dry rooms.
  • Available in all sizes
  • Closure by 180Kg electro-magnetic suction pad or electric strike plate
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Electric interlocking of doors
  • Material: electro-zinc-plated sheet metal
  • Finish : door and frame with polyester coating insensitive to UV and formol
  • Double wall with welded joints
  • Thickness of door : 35mm
  • Handles and accessories in PVC
  • Airtightness: achieved on the bottom of the rebate by a tubular seal in neoprene
  • Bi flush window pane on both sides; Material: Stadip Glass 33 / 2 (thickness = 6,8 mm)
  • Interlocking of doors
  • Ventilation
  • All-Stainless steel version
  • Inflatable seal
  • Electricity supply : 24 V DC
  • Internal shelves
  • Variant : trolley pass-through
  • Supports
  • Decontamination by formol or germicide UV

air_showersStandard and custom made air showers constructed of high-pressure laminate, RAL powder coated steel or stainless steel, for personnel and product transfer. Design features include: interlocking system, vision doors, audio and visual signaling.