Company profile


Founded in Greece in 1970 by Vassilis Stefatos, our company has since acquired extensive experience in the fields of engineering and construction of clean rooms. Commencing operations in Greece and Cyprus, our company’s reputation became widely known in the extended geographical area. Responding to the client’s inquiries, our operations now extend beyond Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Stefatos S.A. with subsidiaries and agencies around the Balkans and Former Republics of the Soviet Union, has the capability and expertise to assist you from conceptual planning right through to project execution and validation. Over 30 years of experience in clean room contracting can assure you of the high quality of project management and execution. Stefatos will meet the most exacting standards in clean room contracting. Our independent financial strength enables us to target our investments in project design and execution in order to provide the greatest benefit for your production facility.

Stefatos S.A. is your partner from the initial conception of your new investment, alongside the development, and beyond the final hand over and validation. Our specialists will work with you in order to assist your specific needs and to ensure the best possible solution.

Stefatos S.A. offers complete design, procurement and construction services on new and existing controlled environments. Hygienic type HVAC systems are being engineered, supplied and installed in pharmaceutical, electronics, food processing, surgery units and laboratory facilities. Our in-house design team is in your hands to provide complete service from initial concept right through to development and validation qualification. Each clean room is designed specifically to meet your requirements. Features like conceptual design reports, detailed drawings, project management, as built drawings, validation qualification protocols and training documents are provided to the final user. Should your needs change in the future and you want to re-configure, extend or move your clean room facility, Stefatos S.A. is readily available.