Forced entry

Reliable protection against forced entry and breakout requires testing of a complete sample. Architectural requirements demand large area glazing and a light and airy facade of the entire element. Both are combined in our products up to the highest resistance levels.

This can only be accomplished through years of experience and the testing in real life conditions. For your security, our products and their manufacturing are continuously under quality review by independent test laboratories. Various electronic and mechanical accessories round off our program.

Durable and reliable

Turn windows and doors up to 600 kg, Tilt and turn windows up to 180 kg , Tilt windows up to 600 kg , Tilt and sliding windows and doors up to 150 kg , Sliding windows and doors up to 1200 kg , Load transfering profiles make it possible to have wooden windows with tilt and turn hardware up to 180 kg.

We also provide customized solutions for individual weight requirements.

High security glass can weigh more than 200 kg/qm in the highest resistant class. Heavy glass weights are possible. Glass is more resistant to scratching and durable than foil coatings and plastic finishes:

  • Economical
  • Easy to clean
  • Extensively tested and available in each resistance class